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The Container Store x KonMari

Large Hikidashi Storage Box – Balance

Large Hikidashi Storage Box – Balance

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In the KonMari Method™, every item needs a home – but bulky or odd-size goods can be difficult to store. Never fear: There’s a box for that! Designed by Marie as part of her unique storage system – hikidashi means “drawer” in Japanese – this sturdy, elegant box is a tidying superstar. Create a drawer where there wasn’t one before – on a shelf, in a closet or beneath the bed – for fuzzy sweaters, seasonal wear or anything else that needs a place to call its own. The exterior of the box is finished in a warm, light grey paper; the inside features white dots scattered across a deep navy blue background. Made from recycled fiberboard.

Sparks Joy The irregular dot pattern on the inside of the box was inspired by sashiko, an ancient Japanese sewing technique whose name means “little stabs” – a reference to the running stitch that makes up its geometric, all-over patterns.

Part of The Container Store x KonMari Joyful Collection designed exclusively by Marie Kondo.

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15.25" L x 11.75" W x 6.5" H



Care Instruction

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.