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Polished Stone Diffuser

Polished Stone Diffuser

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Made in the Japanese city of Tokoname – famous for its ceramic teapots – this stone diffuser was created using the traditional pottery techniques the town is known for. Small and slim, it travels easily from room to room – or further afield. To use, simply apply three to five drops of your favorite essential oil to the stone, and let its scent lift you up or calm you down as it slowly fills your space. Molded and polished by hand, each diffuser is one of a kind – and has an organic, elemental feel. No outlets, batteries or chargers needed. Diffusing oil sold separately. 

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3.5" L x 3.1" W x 0.8" H



Care & Use Instructions

If surface becomes dirty, rinse with water and dry well before use. Avoid soap as the stone is porous and may prevent essential oil absorption.

Please Note

Because this traditional diffuser uses no heat source or electricity, the resulting scent is subtle and will take time to diffuse. We recommend using this in a smaller space or next to you on your desktop or bedside table.