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Historical Japanese Cast Brass Cone/Stick Incense Holder

Historical Japanese Cast Brass Cone/Stick Incense Holder

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Nousaku is based in the Japanese city of Takaoka, which has been a center for metalsmithing since the 17th century. Like all of the family-owned company’s products, this incense holder began with the creation of a custom sand mold. The cast brass forms were then refined and hand-finished using bladed tools. In addition to a spherical ball holder for stick incense, it includes a petite platform for cone incense.

Joy Tip This holder was designed for use with traditional Japanese incense sticks, which are usually 2.75" long. Longer incense sticks may not be fully supported. Marie starts her day by burning incense to clear the air and start fresh. 

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3" Dia x 0.25" H