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Palo Santo Holder With 'Holy Wood' Stick

Palo Santo Holder With 'Holy Wood' Stick

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Found throughout Central and South America, palo santo – Spanish for “holy wood” – is closely related to frankincense and myrrh. Believed to have cleansing properties similar to those of sage, its fragrant wood has long been used in purification rituals. This handmade stoneware vessel is designed to hold a lit stick of palo santo in an upright position for an extended burn. It can also be used as an incense holder. Includes one stick of palo santo and an instruction card.

D:Ceramics works with an Ecuadorian company committed to protecting palo santo and the environments in which it grows. In the spirit of sustainability, no living trees are cut down – only naturally dead branches and fallen trunks are collected for use. The company, Ecuadorian Hands, also runs a palo santo reforestation program.

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4.25" Dia x 1.75" H



Care & Use Instructions

Handwashing recommended.