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Arita Porcelain

Chrysanthemum Bean Plate – Grey

Chrysanthemum Bean Plate – Grey

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A centuries-old Japanese tradition, Arita-yaki refers to porcelain made in the area surrounding Arita, Japan, a prolific center for early Japanese porcelain creation. Designer Teruhiro Yanagihara developed this series of ceramics using traditional Arita-yaki clay composed of crushed stone but taking a more contemporary design approach, resulting in elegantly crafted pottery pieces that are also strong, heat-resistant and made to last.

This mame-zara – or “bean plate” – is modeled after the chrysanthemum, one of Japan’s most important and symbolic flowers. The perfect size for condiments or small hors d’oeuvres (or even holding jewelry pieces and other komono), the plate’s unglazed finish creates a distinctive yet graceful look and feel.

Also available in Salad/Dessert size.

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4.3" Dia x 0.8" H


Arita porcelain (unglazed)

Care & Use Instructions

Microwave, dishwasher and oven-safe.

Handmade in Japan.