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Soapply x KonMari

Soapply x KonMari 8-Ounce Organic Hand Soap & 32-Ounce Refill

Soapply x KonMari 8-Ounce Organic Hand Soap & 32-Ounce Refill

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Isn’t it ironic that most soaps are full of dirty chemicals? We think so, too. That’s why we partnered with Soapply on a hand soap made from organic, plant-based ingredients and food-grade organic oils. The 300-year-old method and recipe creates a true soap – not a detergent – which means your skin will stay hydrated and healthy wash after wash. Going clean and green doesn’t just mean using good-for-the-earth ingredients – it also means reducing carbon emissions and using way less plastic.

This set contains an 8-ounce bottle of hand soap and a 32-ounce refill – both in washable and reusable glass bottles – that will keep you in the suds for a long time. Rinse, wash, repeat with a clear conscience.  

Sparks Joy Every 8 ounces of Soapply x KonMari soap sold is tied to a $1 donation that directly funds lifesaving water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives around the world.

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8 oz Glass bottle with pump, 2.5" Dia x 7" H (pump open)
32 oz Glass refill bottle, 3.5" Dia x 8" H


Saponified organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, organic guar gum, organic rosemary extract and organic aloe

MADE SAFE certified. Soapply is safe for you and for the planet.

Care Instruction

The glass refill container and the base of the 8-ounce bottle are dishwasher safe. Simply remove the pump from the base before washing. Warm water and a small amount of soap can also be used to clean the glass base by hand between refills!

Please Note

Soapply is made from natural, organic ingredients. It's natural and normal for the plant-based oils to change form in colder temperatures. If you notice settling, hardening or cloudiness, give your soap a shake and set it in a warmer location. It will return to its fully liquid form as the temperature rises. The oils settling or changing form doesn't affect the soap's efficacy, so lather on without worry!