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Sacred Soak Herbal Bath Tea

Sacred Soak Herbal Bath Tea

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Japanese bathing rituals are renowned for good reason — finding a way to reset after a long day and remembering to appreciate the present moment is an art that requires regular, dedicated practice. The first step is a carefully drawn bath. This natural soaking tea is made from soothing herbs including calendula, chamomile, rose, lavender, oat tops, hops, marshmallow root, and beetroot. This combination is designed to inspire balance and calm — and to engage all the senses in the present moment.

To draw a transformative tea bath: empty the contents of the biodegradable sealed bag into the accompanying muslin sack, then fix the muslin to the faucet so that water flows through the soaking tea as it fills the tub. Pair with a favorite candle to transform even a weeknight into a moment of harmony.

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Each bag is 1oz
Bag, 5" L x 0.5" D x 7" H


100% Organic Ingredients. Calendula, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Oat Tops, Hops, Marshmallow Root and Beetroot.