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Flat Donabe
Flat Donabe
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Flat Donabe

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Donabes are a kitchen staple in Japan because of the way they hold ambient heat, which yields dishes layered with subtle flavor. Made from clay, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for almost any style of cooking from slow-simmered traditional hot pots to steamed rice. This modern take on the donabe features an unconventional flat top, which is perfect for storing in smaller spaces or on low shelves. Use it on the stove, then carry it directly to the dinner table — it is an ideal centerpiece for joy-sparking family gatherings.
10.6" Dia x 8.7" W x 4.9" H
Care Instructions
1. Donabe ceramic is very durable, but remember to check that there are no cracks or damage before each use.
2.Wash with dish soap and dry completely before storage. Please, no steel scrubbing brushes or abrasive cleaners — they might scratch the donabe's finish.
3. Do not soak in water or store liquids inside the donabe for long periods of time. This may result in a change of color.
4. Donabes are designed for slow, mindful cooking. Avoid strong impact or rapid temperature changes, which may cause cracks.